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A Special Message for 2014 & How to Create A Mind Movie


A special message from Show Host Craig White giving thanks to your support and kind words over the last year. Again we have had some fantastic Shows to strengthen your skills, motivation, moral & performance- remember repetition is the mother of all learning so go back and enjoy your favourite shows.


In this show Craig focus’s on giving you some key area’s of focus and commitment to make your 2014 your greatest ever year to date, its simple, clear and inspiring- its up to you to Listen, Learn, Act and then Succeed. Also Craig’ shares with you exactly how to create your own Mind Movie, why he has found it to be extremely motivating and why it will make a difference for you too.

So plan to put all of this into action sooner rather than later, make the commitments Craig has suggested and persevere for the next 12 months creating your greatest ever year- ARE YOU READY??


Enjoy this Special Message

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